Importance of Family Support

In Maine, 25 - 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ; 40-50% of LGB youth think about suicide; and 20 - 28% of these youth actually attempt suicide.  However, supportive families and early intervention can help reduce the increased risk of depression, suicide, and substance abuse that often accompany the stress that comes when faced with persistent bigotry in one’s own environment. In Maine, youth who have family support are 50% less likely to think about or attempt suicide.

A recent Harris Poll, on behalf of the American Osteopathic Association, found that “53% of American adults would support their teenage child’s request to transition to another gender.” Women, the college-educated, and those living in the Northeast were most likely to be supportive.  OUT Maine is working to increase the number of youth with supportive families through parent and family supports and trainings for educators, providers.