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LGBTQ+ Youth Programs in Maine

Creating Welcoming Communities for Queer and Trans Youth, Kids, and Teens With All Intersectional Identities

At OUT Maine, we have an ambitious goal: to create more welcoming and affirming communities for Maine’s diverse queer youth in all their intersectional identities by changing the very systems that serve them. LGBTQ+ youth face serious challenges, including sadness, depression, and risk of suicide. Providing support for genderqueer and nonbinary kids in Maine as well as for adults and professionals who serve as their social support, can help save lives. By supporting LGBTQ+ youth and their families, empowering queer youth in our Maine communities, and educating providers, we help create welcoming and affirming spaces needed by our LGBTQ+ population.

Teen LGBTQ+ Programs Support Mental Health & Build Welcoming Communities

Approximately 30% of Maine teens identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning. That percentage is even higher — 40% — among teens in foster care. At OUT Maine, our rural, community-based, prevention-focused programming and training lifts up queer youth in Maine’s isolated and under-resourced regions and strives to create a strong safety net of supportive adults that can help make a difference in the lives of queer young people. With youth programs, LGBTQ+ programs for schools, and inclusivity training and support, OUT Maine helps build the confidence and life skills that help Maine’s queer youth thrive.

Reach out to find out more about Youth Programs, Training, and Consultations, or be part of our support network by Donating to OUT Maine.

In-Person Events

Go to "programs" to see all ongoing and online events for youth, parents, and professional development.

Tickets are on sale now for our first annual Rainbow Gala and Dance Party 21+ fundraiser!

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OUT Maine Scholarship awarded to three students

OUT Maine Scholarship awarded to three students

OUT Maine is thrilled to announce the award of scholarships totaling $31,000 to three outstanding young people to help them better their futures. This Spring, OUT Maine received over 25 applications for the OUT Maine LGBTQ+ Scholarship program. After careful...


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