OUT Maine is a youth-driven organization, but it would not be possible to keep our doors open without the presence of adult volunteers.

Adult youth volunteers are people aged 24 and over, of proven responsibility, integrity, and commitment to meeting the needs of LGBTQ youth. They serve as guides, teachers, resource persons, sympathetic listeners, supporters, and advocates for young people who turn to OUT. They take responsibility for the safety and security of OUT activities and their participants. In cooperation with OUT youth, they develop and guide educational, social, and recreational programs.

Youth volunteers do not make basic decisions about OUT direction or activities, but work with young people to make the best decisions for the group. Youth volunteers are expected to behave toward young people at all times as responsible adults. The needs of the young people who are OUT youth are always the adults' first consideration.

If you wish to become a youth volunteer, please contact Sue Campbell below. You will be contacted for an interview. After this meeting, we will conduct a criminal background check in order to protect our youth. Upon satisfactory completion of the background check, you will be asked to attend a youth meeting. Final acceptance rests on OUT's staff and the current volunteer team.

Please contact Sue at sue@outmaine.org or call at (800) 530-6997